What You Should Know Before Playing Online Poker

online poker

Online poker is a popular game that can be played from anywhere with an internet connection. It can be a great way to make money and spend some time with friends. However, there are some things you should know before playing.

The best online poker sites have high standards when it comes to security, privacy, and fair play. They also offer regular tournaments with large prize pools.


Online poker sites operate in a grey area of the legal market, with many players unsure whether they are operating legally. Unlike state-regulated casinos, these operators are not backed by a government body that oversees their activities. This can make it harder to resolve disputes with players. The lack of regulation also leaves these sites at risk of closure if the Federal Government changes its interpretation of the law.

Currently, only four states regulate online poker, including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Nevada and Michigan. A fifth, West Virginia, is working towards regulating the game, but virtual hands have not yet been dealt there. A legal, regulated market would require legislation to establish a licensing authority and agreements to share player traffic. This could take years to establish.


Poker rules are the same whether you play online or at your local cardroom. However, online players need to use different skills. They cannot read physical tells and must instead size up opponents by monitoring betting patterns.

Players must also protect their cards by using a chip or hand to shield them. If they do not, their opponent could see their hole cards and take advantage of them.

Online poker sites are getting better at detecting fraud. They hire security personnel to check player cards, patterns and computer IP addresses. They are also improving their measures to prevent collusion between players. This is good news for legitimate players, but bad for fraudsters. A reputable poker site will have a good customer support team to assist you with any problems.

Deposit options

If you want to play poker online for real money you’ll need a reliable method of depositing funds. Fortunately, most online poker sites offer several options including credit cards, debit cards and e-wallet services like Skrill, NETELLER and AstroPay. These options are generally faster and more convenient than traditional bank transfers although processing times vary from option to option.

The majority of regulated online poker sites in the US accept credit cards which are quick, safe and easy to use. Other popular deposit options include prepaid debit cards (e.g. Entropay) which work just like regular Visa cards and are perfect for players who don’t want to disclose their card details online. Alternatively, wire transfers are another fast and efficient way to get money into an online poker account.


Every poker player has different needs when it comes to choosing an online poker site. Some need soft games while others want a good software platform. You also have to decide how much money you are willing to put on the table.

Limits are another important aspect of an online poker room. They affect how players can bet, raise, and bluff. For example, the difference between Limit and No Limit Hold’em is that in Limit, players can receive pot odds for calling bets.

Another thing to consider is customer support. It should be easy to reach and provide prompt answers to your questions. In addition, a poker site should have SSL encryptions to protect your personal information. Otherwise, you might be stuck playing on a poker site with subpar customer service for months.


In the poker world, the rake is a significant expense that can take a big chunk out of your bankroll. While there is no way to avoid the rake entirely, there are ways you can minimize its impact on your bottom line. One such method is to sign up for a rakeback program.

A rakeback program gives players a percentage of the money that is paid to the online poker room as a rake fee. While the percentage varies from poker site to poker site, the basic principle is the same.

Rakeback programs are most useful for grinders and poker professionals, but even recreational players should consider signing up if they have the option to do so. The free cash is something that no poker player should turn down!